In this episode of Waypointers our guest is Jason Foo, the CEO of independent agency, BBD Perfect Storm, a brand and cultural transformation company, helping clients transform themselves and their categories for increased growth and positive societal impact.

The conversation with Waypoint partner Jim Houghton is a fascinating one, covering purpose, culture, leadership, AI/automation and much more.

Jason talks about the journey he and his team went on to become a B Corp business and why it was such an important goal for them.

He discusses the agency’s bravery in setting up a specialist division, New Macho, focused on helping brands grow through a new positive male narrative, just as the #MeToo movement was at its loudest.

Smart, compassionate leadership and clarity of vision are hallmarks of Jason’s MO. For more on what makes this influential independent agency special, click below.

Waypointers Episode 26: A masterclass in putting purpose at the heart of an agency offer – with Jason Foo

Published 13th December 2023