Peter Reid, the CEO of MSQ Partners is the next guest in our Challenger agency series. A former McKinsey consultant, Peter has taken MSQ on quite a journey. He joined in 2007 to turn around a business that at the time was known as Media Square and that came with significant financial challenges.

After several years of streamlining, in 2010 Peter became CEO and in 2011 took the business private which he describes as a key way to establish a sustainable financial structure and to drive a transformational agenda.

Today MSQ is a highly profitable operation with 1250 people across 13 offices, recently becoming a B Corp and the first international group in the sector to achieve carbon negative status.  Peter’s top priority is scale in the US – 10-fold in the next few years – and to triple the size of the business over the same period via a mix of M&A and organic growth.

Waypoint partner Jim Houghton talks to Peter about many things, including:

  • How his McKinsey background equipped him to deal with the issues he faced when he joined Media Square – looking at the agency model through a different lens
  • How the MSQ business model now works
  • MSQ’s tech offer and how it gives the group a competitive advantage
  • His growth ambitions

Click below for a fascinating insight into what makes MSQ tick from the man who’s been instrumental in its success over the last decade and more.

Waypointers Episode 24 – MSQ: A next generation creative and tech group with ambitious scale up plans – with Peter Reid

Published 15th November 2023