What kind of agency is best equipped to handle the modern marketing brief? Can a challenger agency compete with the holdcos for some of the industry’s biggest media accounts? The answer is most definitely yes.
These are among the topics that James Townsend, Global CEO Stagwell Brand X Performance Network and Global CEO at Assembly discusses with Waypoint’s Matt Lacey in the latest episode of Waypointers’ Challengers series.
James explains how he has worked to bring together creative, media and commerce to deliver a business outcome and how the group’s talent base, combining data and tech literacy, gives it a disproportionate advantage.
Listen in for a fascinating insight into how James built Stagwell’s media offer and how this leading challenger sees the future of the industry. 

Waypointers Episode 19: Challenger Agencies – in conversation with Stagwell’s Global CEO, James Townsend (deep dive special)

Published 6th September 2023