A new challenger on the block

At Waypoint we talk often about Challengers, fast growing agencies and agency groups that are born digital and performance first, who deliver on the “modern marketing brief.”

In this episode, Waypoint partner Matt Lacey profiles a new entrant to the Challenger cohort. That new entrant is SAMY Alliance, a fast-growing, social-first agency group, intent on partnering with the world’s most recognisable brands who are seeking a modern, social-first solution.

SAMY already has impressive scale – 500 people globally, a client base that includes Kia, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Microsoft and Netflix, and investment from Bridgepoint.

In the studio with Matt to tell the SAMY story is Rocio Lama, head of strategy and corporate development for SAMY Alliance. Rocio heads up a six strong M&A team in Madrid, working to deliver on the group’s growth ambitions. 

Growth strategy

Rocio talks to Matt about SAMY’s M&A activity to date. The group has been acquiring in the UK, Europe and the US since 2019 and has a proven track record of successfully integrating agencies and driving value in them.

SAMY is an exciting proposition for entrepreneurial agency founders looking at the next chapter in their growth journey; a fast-scaling business where they can play a role in something much bigger.

And now, with support from professional investors, SAMY is focusing in on new targets in the US and Europe, what it describes as “anchor” acquisitions that will transform the group.

In short, SAMY’s sights are set on sector leadership. And as social starts to takes its place at the client top table, the future is set to be an exciting one.

For all of this as well as a sense of the SAMY Alliance culture and its entrepreneurial origins.

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