Press Release | UK
Alex MacLaverty
Jan 24, 2024

Waypoint appoints ex Hotwire and Clarity COO, Alex MacLaverty as an MD

Waypoint appoints ex Hotwire and Clarity COO, Alex MacLaverty as an MD. Learn more about Alex here...

Blog | UK
Jan 19, 2024

What 2023 told us about marcoms M&A

What sort of year was 2023 for deal making? Lack-lustre some might say on first reading. If we look at the number of transactions – and the trend...

Blog | UK
Jan 12, 2024

Cash on your agency balance sheet isn’t just for a rainy day

Finding yourself with surplus cash sitting on your balance sheet is a great place to be. It provides you with plenty of options. But do you know what those options are...

Blog | UK
Dec 22, 2023

How to spot an M&A jargon head

We love what we do at Waypoint, and with passion come blind spots! We laugh at parts of the investment community we brush up against because...

Blog | UK
Dec 18, 2023

When an agency founding team is no longer the right team to drive future growth

Jamie Learmont explains how you can spot the signs and how to hire for the right kind of senior talent…..

Acquisition | UK
Verco Global
Nov 8, 2023

Waypoint advises ESG consultancy Verco on its sale to BIP

Waypoint Partners are delighted to have advised Verco on its sale to BIP. Learn more about the deal.

Events | UK
Mastering Better Business Development - Workshop
Event Date: 29th November, 2023

Event: Mastering better business development – discover the path to higher agency growth

Join Waypoint and an audience of senior agency leaders in Manchester for our workshop on mastering better business development

Blog | UK
Tom Ingoldby at event
Oct 2, 2023

Food for thought when it comes to business development

Tom Ingoldby from Velvet PR lays out his top four learnings from Waypoint's recent Mastering Better Business Development event...

Blog | UK
Common Interest
Sep 28, 2023

Why new holding company Common Interest is truly something different

New holdco Common Interest launched with a headline-worthy acquisition. Jim Houghton explains why we should take notice of this newcomer...

Blog | UK
Technology services firms: the hidden gems of the software M&A world
Sep 25, 2023

Technology services firms: the hidden gems of the software M&A world

Martin Ward explains what tech services businesses can do to make themselves attractive in a market in often dominated by SaaS companies...

Blog | UK
What's on the horizon for Challenger agencies?
Sep 19, 2023

As Brainlabs sets out its ambitions, what’s on the horizon for other Challenger agencies?

Matt Lacey looks at the latest funding announcement from Brainlabs and the importance of scale to the Challenger agencies...

Data | UK
Challenger groups tracker
Sep 4, 2023

Challenger Groups Tracker

Waypoint Partners has analysed the fast-growing agencies making waves in the marketing services world in 2023– a cohort that’s increasingly referred to as Challengers.

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