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Waypoint Partners, one of the UK’s leading growth advisory firms to the creative sector has joined forces with David Kean, Chairman of the specialist sales and business development group Catalyst. Together they will help large creative agencies accelerate their sales programmes and grow in an increasingly tough economic climate.

The joint offer is called Catalystand is a growth accelerator programme for scaled agencies who need to significantly grow their top line revenue to meet and exceed their growth aspirations. Designed as an end-to-end sales transformation programme, Catalyst2 aims to provide agencies with a tried and tested sales process, and the right skills, to be able to proactively identify, develop and win new business at scale.

The programme has four distinct phases run over the course of 6-9 months: assessing the current sales proposition, building a tailored value-led sales proposition, upskilling relevant teams to implement the new process and embedding new ways of working.

Steven Mallon, Director at Waypoint Partners, said:

“Agencies have always needed to adapt to external influences with sales improvements forming an integral part of their planning. But as the ‘more from less’ movement increases under the threat of recession, the need for positive action has become an essential requirement to ensure growth in challenging times.”

“It’s not about a race to the bottom in terms of budgets. It’s about being smart and professional with your agency’s sales function and proposition. Just as great athletes always seek incremental gains that give them an advantage over their competitors, so agencies need to have the same hunger and attitude when it comes to selling themselves. A creds deck and a case study simply won’t cut it in this economic environment.”

“With the confidence that comes from having successfully navigated this path ourselves many times in many businesses, we have blended proven methodology, process and tools with aptitude and emotional intelligence to build and embed an effective business development process for scaled agencies. We’re excited about working with David and his team to help agency leaders realise the sustainable and repeatable results to be gained from a systematic approach to new business.”

David Kean said:

“Those of us who have worked in the agency landscape for any length of time will know that when the economy contracts and business confidence wanes, marketing is often the first budget to be cut. Put simply, agencies are going to have to fight tooth and nail for every contract and project to seize a larger slice of a smaller pie. Those who are agile and intelligent with their approach to sales will have the best chance of achieving sustainable growth. By joining forces with Waypoint, we are able to arm these agencies with the best proven methodology to protect and build their positions as market leaders.”

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About Waypoint

Waypoint Partners is a leading growth and corporate finance advisory firm, working globally with shareholders and their leadership teams in the creative and related technology sectors to grow and realise value.

Waypoint Partners is unique. The team’s backgrounds in running agencies, tech companies and corporate finance make Waypoint the ideal partner for businesses looking to grow or realise value. Having worked with over 200 agencies, tech firms and digital companies, it knows what drives value and its agnostic approach means it will advise on what’s right for businesses to meet their ambitions, whether that’s growth advisory, growth capital or a sale.

Waypoint’s values of service, relationship and excellence run through everything it does.

David Kean

About David Kean and the Catalyst group

David Kean is the author of three international bestselling books, the most recent of which, Catalyst, was published in 2021 and which gives its name to the consulting group he co-founded. The group works with companies to catalyse business growth and David was described by British Airways’ Business Life magazine as “the best pitch coach around”. He specialises in speeding up performance improvement for individuals and leadership teams and has been coaching, lecturing and running workshops around the world for the last 15 years.